Air International 2020-05
J.Hunter - HX Fighter
BAE Systems sent single- and two-seat Eurofighter Typhoons to Finland for the local evaluations.
The Super Hornet offer from Boeing would minimise the need for infrastructure changes, with a potentially smoother transition from the current F/A-18C/D.
A Dassault Rafale B seen during winter operations in Rovaniemi in Finland.
An F-35A Lightning II at Dover AFB, Delaware, on February 18, 2020, on the way back home after the HX Challenge.
The HX Challenge saw the first deployment for the new Saab JAS 39 Gripen E outside Sweden.
GlobalEye SE-RMY touches down after completing its maiden flight. The aircraft had not yet been outfitted with its full Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS) suite.
Saab has included the GlobalEye airborne early warning and control aircraft in its offer, with an aircraft flying from Sweden with a Finnish team aboard for the HX Challenge.