SAAB Gripen E / JAS-39E
SAAB - Gripen E / JAS-39E - 2017 - Швеция
Страна: Швеция
Год: 2017

На салоне Farnborough-2018 прошла первая публичная демонстрация нового многоцелевого истребителя SAAB JAS-39E Gripen. На выставке был представлен взлетевший чуть более года назад его первый прототип (борт 39-8), получивший новый «пиксельный» камуфляж. По сообщению SAAB, второй и третий прототипы (39-9 и 39-10) уже построены и вскоре присоединятся к программе летных испытаний.
Aircraft 39-8 fitted with RUAG pylons prior to a captive carriage test flight.
A crew chief assigned to Saab's Flight Test Department looks into the cockpit of aircraft 39-8 prior to a test flight from Linkoping.
A crew chief plugs the fuel hose into the aircraft's refuelling point located in the ground crew bay.
Ground crew assigned to Saab's Flight Test Department conduct an engine running refuelling of aircraft 39-8 at Linkoping. The aircraft is loaded with two high-speed cameras for captive carriage test flights of the cameras.
The Swedish Air Force has ordered 60 single-seat JAS 39E Gripens. This example is one of Saab’s test aircraft, 39-8, which has been heavily involved in the Brazilian programme
The Saab Gripen E will be offered with a package of industrial benefits, including local production.
Saab’s second Gripen E test aircraft 39-9 takes off from Linkoping airfield on the aircraft's maiden flight.
The first Gripen E, 39-8, over Ostergotland, southern Sweden on its June 15, 2017 first flight with Marcus Wandt at the controls.
On June 15, 2017, the first prototype Saab JAS 39E Gripen 39-8 made its maiden flight from Linkoping flown by a Saab test pilot. During the 40-minute flight over the eastern part of Ostergotland, the aircraft conducted various test points including retraction and extension of the landing gear.
Aircraft 39-8 loaded with two Meteor test vehicles during a captive carriage test flight from Linkoping.
A Gripen E with four Meteor BVRAAMs and two IRIS-T short-range AAMs. Saab began delivering the first of 60 Gripen Es to the SwAF in November 2021
3 декабря компания Saab АВ сообщила, что на аэродроме в Линчёпинге впервые поднялся в воздух истребитель JAS-39E Gripen NG (сер. № 39-6002) - первый серийный самолет этой версии, построенный для ВВС Швеции. Его пилотировал летчик-испытатель Хенрик Венсет (Henrik Wanseth). Истребитель несет новый «ломанный» камуфляж. Это второй серийный самолет данной модификации. Первый (сер. № 39-6001) совершил полет 26 августа 2019 г. и предназначался для ВВС Бразилии. В целом, правительство Швеции заказало 60 таких машин, которые предстоит передать к началу 2027 г. Бразильский контракт предусматривает поставку в 2019-24 годах 28-ми одноместных истребителей JAS-39E и 8-ми «спарок» JAS-39F.
ON DECEMBER 3, Saab announced the flight of the first series-production Gripen E, serial 6002, for the Swedish Air Force - sharing an image of Gripen E serial 6002 flying in SwAF markings on November 30, 2019.
The HX Challenge saw the first deployment for the new Saab JAS 39 Gripen E outside Sweden.
In addition to the Gripen E fighter, Saab has included two GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) platforms in its offer
Aircraft 39-8 airborne over some islands along Sweden's Baltic coastline loaded with a IRIS-T captive test vehicle on the port side wing tip pylon.
Gripen E serial 39-8 was the first prototype of the new variant. Notable external differences are the air inlet close to the vertical stabiliser, new wing tip electronic warfare pods and a new antenna on the fin.
Aircraft 39-8 airborne over some of the hundreds of islands along Sweden's Baltic coast line.
Aircraft 39-8 releases a drop tank during a stores separation test flight from Vidsel in northern Sweden.
The plume of the rocket motor of an IRIS-T instrumented test vehicle burns brightly as the vehicle launches from the port side wing tip pylon of aircraft 39-8.
SAAB JAS-39E «Грипен»
Aircraft 39-8 undergoing electrical and hydraulic systems testing at Linkoping before the jet's first flight.
Aircraft 39-8 in the engine test cell at Linkoping. Note the large ducts positioned over the aft electronic, environmental control system exhaust to remove all plumes away from the engine's exhaust.
Standing wave patterns or shock diamonds in the supersonic exhaust plume created by the GE Aviation F414G engine in the engine test cell at Linkoping. Shock diamonds are formed by the complex exhaust flow field and are visible due to the abrupt changes in density and pressure caused by standing shock waves.
An aft fuselage subassembly in a jig on the production line at Linkoping, one of seven subassemblies manufactured on site.
A wing centre fuselage subassembly held vertically in its jig showing the main landing gear wells and outer underwing hard point positions.
The first Gripen E for the Swedish Air Force is in production at Linkoping.
A wing centre fuselage subassembly in production at Linkoping. Measuring 4.5m in length, the wing centre fuselage is the most complex aircraft subassembly ever produced for the Gripen fighter.
Note the computer screens on the left and right of the work platform displaying separate pages from the 3D production documents created by Saab’s model-based definition system.
A production worker views an MBD system screen to visualise a fuselage bulkhead.
The first series production Gripen E, 6002, with Brazil’s first F-39E Gripen, 4100, wearing the colours of the Brazilian flag Saab
The first Brazilian Gripen E at the delivery ceremony in Linkoping in September 2019.
The first Gripen E for Brazil takes to the skies over Sweden from Saab's test aerodrome on August 26, 2019.
The first Brazilian JAS 39 Gripen E during its maiden flight on August 26, 2019.
The Gripen E can carry more fuel and increased external loads compared with its Gripen C predecessor, with ten external hardpoints.
Like Sweden, Brazil also selected the Diehl IRIS-T air-to-air missile for its new Gripens.
The Gripen E fighter has had some export success, with Brazil also choosing to operate the type
The first Brazilian Gripen E (F-39) in final assembly in Linkoping.
In Linkoping Brazilian technicians are working alongside and receiving instruction from Swedish Saab employees during all the phases of production.
18 мая 2016г. на предприятии шведской компании Saab в Линчепинге состоялась церемония выкатки первого опытного образца истребителя следующего поколения Gripen-E JAS-39-08.
26 ноября 2018г. с аэродрома компании Saab в Линчёпинге (Швеция) впервые поднялся в воздух второй опытный экземпляр многофункционального истребителя JAS-39E Gripen.
Кабина истребителя SAAB JAS-39E "Грипен"
The cockpit of the Gripen E, highlighting the wide area display (WAD) developed by Brazil's AEL Sistemas.
A detail view of the 19 x 8in WAD.
An artist’s impression of a Gripen E firing a Meteor BVRAAM.
Saab hopes the Brazilian government will finalise its agreement for Gripens this year.
Evolved Gripen