Air International 2021-02
A.Warnes, M.Johansson - Saab eyes global outlook
JAS 39C Gripens are expected to continue in service with the Swedish Air Force well past 2030. The aircraft’s open architecture avionics system allows them to be upgraded relatively easy - the example shown here at F 21 Lulea in May 2019 is fitted with the Meteor BVRAAM
Saab president and CEO Micael Johansson says options for the Czech Gripens extensions could include upgrading the C/Ds or acquiring the newer E/Fs or even operating a mix of the two
The Swedish Air Force SK 60s are expected to soldier on until 2025, when the JAS 39C/D Gripens replace them in the LIFT role
The first series production Gripen E, 6002, with Brazil’s first F-39E Gripen, 4100, wearing the colours of the Brazilian flag Saab
The Swedish Air Force has ordered 60 single-seat JAS 39E Gripens. This example is one of Saab’s test aircraft, 39-8, which has been heavily involved in the Brazilian programme
Another first during 2020 was the delivery of two GlobalEyes to the UAEAF&AD, to be followed by a third later this year. In addition, Saab signed a contract for two further examples on December 30, 2020, which should be delivered by 2025