Aeroplane Monthly 1977-07
J.Bruce - S.E.5: Fighter supreme (3)
Wg Cdr Bywater flying F904 from Old Warden in April 1977.
S.E.5 A8904 of the second production batch was passed as approved on April 26, 1917, and was photographed at Farnborough on May 1.
The installation of engine no 699/2233/W.D. 8274 in A8922, May 23, 1917, with radiator shutters evident. This S.E.5 was approved two days later.
A8898 after modification, with revised cockpit, head fairing, internal gravity tank and long exhaust pipes. This aircraft was struck off charge with 158hr 10min flying time when 2nd Lt L. H. Sutton overturned on landing on March 23, 1918.
A8916 is here seen at the Central Flying School, fully modified yet with original exhaust manifolds. Both guns are fitted, the Lewis having an unusual bag to catch spent cases. This approved on May 18, 1917.
A8913 of 56 Squadron, flown by Lt K. K. Muspratt, had its cockpit widened by fitting slightly convex sides. The picture was taken at Bekesbourne in late June 1917, where 56 Squadron was briefly based to defend London against air attacks.
A8898 in its original form. This aircraft went first to No 56 Squadron, but was issued to No 60 Squadron in August 1917. Later still it was fitted with a 200 h.p. Hispano-Suiza and was with 40 Squadron by March 1918.