Aeroplane Monthly 1977-09
B.Johnson - U-Bootsauge
The two vertical storage tubes on the U-boat's deck are opened.
A Focke-Achgelis Fa330 about to ascend from its parent U-boat. The foremost crewman on the left has a headset for communication with the pilot.
<...> is winched out at the end of its line, which doubled as the pilot's telephone line to the U-boat. An altitude of 500ft could be attained.
<...> use of the rudder and the tilting rotor head, operated by the control column.
The Fa330 is grabbed as it descends.
The example tested at the AFEE in 1948-49. It bears the legend "Flying Dutchman" on its fin.
The fuselage of the Bachstelze is lifted out ready for assembly, a process which took only about three minutes.
Assembly of the rotor head
Rear view of the U-Bootsauge, in which the parachute attached to the rotor pylon is just discernible.
The fin is slotted into place. Note the hand-hold at its top.