Aeroplane Monthly 1977-09
R.Riding - Thruxton's Mossies
D.H. Mosquito Mk.16 G-AOCJ, ex NS742, seen prior to delivery to the Israeli Air Force in 1957 as 4XFDG-91.
This Mosquito, G-AOCN, was ferried to Hurn from Thruxton in August 1956 and sold to the Israeli Air Force as 4XFDL-92 the following year.
Mosquito G-AOCM at Thruxton before flying to Hurn in August 1956 for conversion for the Israeli Air Force.
Two photographs of G-AOCK, which was eventually burned at Thruxton in October 1960.
G-AOCI shortly after arrival at Thruxton, complete with Royal Navy serial NS639
Royal Navy serial NS639 had been removed by the time the photo had been taken.
Mosquito Mk 16 G-AOCL was not civilianised, but was left to rot at Thruxton before being burned in October 1960. During its service with the Royal Navy it had been fitted with four-bladed propellers.
The photograph, taken at Hurn the same year, shows the same aircraft in Israeli markings as 4XFDG-90.
Mosquitoes G-AOCK and G-AOCI down on their uppers shortly before being burnt. 'OCK has been retouched to appear as 'OOK.