Aeroplane Monthly 1978-01
E.Morgan, C.Burnet - Seafang
Первый серийный "Сифэнг" F.31 в полете
The first production Seafang, VG471, sixth machine off the Spiteful production line, which went to the RAE in January 1946.
View of the Seafang F.Mk 32 prototype, VB895, taken in December 1946. This aircraft first flew at Hursley Park early the same year, although the first production machine flew before it.
Two views of the pitot comb installation on the inboard wing trailing edge of Seafang VB475 to measure the critical Mach number and ascertain the degree of laminar flow achieved. The aileron span was reduced by 15in, the cannon were removed, and the aircraft had no provision for wing folding.
Первый серийный "Сифэнг" F.31 у ангара
Seafang Mk 31 VG471 in March 1946. Note the guard to keep arrester wires clear of the tailwheel.
Supermarine Type 391