Aeroplane Monthly 1978-09
R.Williams - Unwanted Albemarle (2)
Factory-fresh Albemarle ST I P1653 is overflown by another of its kind. Note the tail guards to prevent parachute lines fouling the elevators.
Albemarle production by A. W. Hawkesley Ltd. In the foreground is a wing centre section, with nose sections to the left and fuselage centre and rear sections to the right.
An Albemarle ST II, probably V1624 later of 297 and 570 Squadrons, makes a low and slow flypast for the press, January 1944.
STV V1823 in 297 Squadron markings as P5-S, with crudely-applied invasion crashed near Bretton, Wilts, while towing a glider on December 22, 1944, serving with 22 HGCU.
Sleek lines belied poor performance.
Nearing completion, this Albemarle reveals details of engine mounting, wing leading edge and nosewheel.
A close-up of the power-operated Boulton Paul dorsal turret.
Completed aircraft at Brockworth await delivery.
One of 12 Albemarle ST Is allotted to the USSR in 1944. Note freight door and sliding dorsal hood.