Aeroplane Monthly 1978-08
R.Williams - Unwanted Albemarle (1)
The Albemarle I second prototype, P1361, photographed on August 3, 1942, while serving with No 5 Pilot's Advanced Flying Unit at Tern Hill.
The first Albemarle prototype, P1360, in April 1940, with short span wings and mass-balanced rudders
The second prototype Albemarle, P1361, first flew on April 20, 1941. Note the small “bumper” tail wheel.
V1599, the last of 90 Albemarle GT Is, served as the prototype ST I special transport variant, and was tested with a long-travel undercarriage in 1943.
Early production Albemarle B.I P1363. Deliveries from Brockworth began in September 1941. This aircraft later served with 42 OTU, becoming instructional airframe 4450M in January 1944.
The first Albemarle prototype, P1360, later the same year, with increased span and horn-balanced rudders.
The cockpit of an Albemarle ST V, showing the access to the nose "greenhouse" on the starboard side.
The Albemarle mock-up, completed in September 1938, showing the original Merlin-engined version.