Aeroplane Monthly 1978-08
H.Nield - Hanover Flight
North American B-25 Mitchell N7681C Amazing Andrea, one of a quintet now in Britain for the making of the film "Hanover Street".
Big Bad Bonnie, alias N9455Z and flown by Vernon Ohmert, drops a strangely-balanced clutch of relatively harmless bombs.
Big Bad Bonnie and formation flying.
A brace of Mitchells make a bombing run through a barrage of film-land flak. Note the open bomb doors.
Amazing Andrea leads Brenda’s Boys in for the benefit of Henry Nield’s camera.
An intimate study of Amazing Andrea’s attractive lines. Registered N7681C, this B-25 was flown across the Atlantic by Mike Wright and Bill Muszala.
Another shot of Big Bad Bonnie, with the tail gun position between the twin fins and rudders well portrayed.
Big Bad Bonnie leads the B-25s out for takeoff.
Gorgeous George-Ann, seen being bombed-up, is to stay in England.
B-25 N86427, Brenda’s Boys, in an atmospheric surrounding of Nissen huts and military vehicles at the rejuvenated Bovingdon airfield.