Aeroplane Monthly 1978-10
B.Gunston - Sturgeon
The only S.B.3 to fly, Mamba-powered WF632 appeared at the 1950 SBAC show, but the type was ousted by the Gannet.
First flown in 1948, VR371, the second prototype T.T.2, was still at Rochester in 1957.
Wg Cdr Maurice Smith in TS486 again. Both nose and wings folded for carrier stowage.
T.T.2 first prototype VR363 served as the tug for the S.B.1 experimental glider in 1951.
Wg Cdr Maurice A. Smith, DFC, brings Sturgeon T.T.2 TS486 alongside the Rapide photographic aircraft on April 13, 1951.
The first Sturgeon 1, RK787, made its maiden flight on May 18, 1948, piloted by J. S. Booth.
TS486 displays the conspicuous black and yellow belly of a target tug.
A T.T.2 demonstrates its short take-off.
T.T.2 TS476 makes a carrier landing. The extended nose allowed unobstructed use of the Vinten camera.
T.T.3 TS475, converted from a T.T.2, at Sydenham in November 1953.