Air Enthusiast 1972-10
Plane facts
The sole flying example of the Chance Vought V-326 engine test bed, built in 1941 to test the Pratt & Whitney R-4360.
One of the six Canadair CL-2s temporarily assigned to TCA as DC-4M-1 North Stars.
The Northrop 3-A (XP-948) which dissapeared during a flight test over the Pacific on 30 July 1935.
The Vought V-141 in the form in which it participated in the Wright Field contest, the rudder having been substantially enlarged after initial testing.
The general arrangement drawing illustrates the Vought V-143 in its final form as exported to Japan in July 1937, the sideviews illustrating (top to bottom) the original Northrop 3-A, the V-141 as initially flown, and the V-143.