Air International 1995-11
R.Francillon - High Tide. The ANG pioneers wing-strength combat air refuelling
Built by Metropolitan-Vickers as a Lincoln B.2, RA657 was modified as a tanker by Flight Refuelling and served as the primary tanker during 1949 trials with two modified F-84Es.
F-84Es of the 116th Fighter-Bomber Wing were fitted with tip tank refuelling probes by the Tachikawa Air Depot. One of these aircraft is seen refuelling from a Boeing KB-29M of the 91st Air Refueling Squadron, FEAF, during a training sortie over Japan in the spring of 1952.
Republic F-84E 49-2175/'FS-175A' of the 116th FBW loaded with a pair of 454kg (1,000lb) bombs. Port tip tank probe and hinged panel providing access to fuselage guns are noteworthy.
F-84G были среди самолетов, использовавшихся ВВС США для отработки дозаправки в воздухе. Первоначально приемная штанга монтировалась в баках на законцовках, как на фотографии этого F-84G. На поздних вариантах приемник устанавливался в передней кромке левой консоли крыла. Хотя благодаря дозаправке дальность полета могла быть практически неограниченной, лимитирующим фактором становился расход масла, а маслобаки F-84 имели очень малый резерв.
The Panmunjon Armistice did not end the service of probed Thunderjets with FEAF (PACAF after July 1, 1957). The last probed F-84Gs, which had been fitted with probe-equipped F-84E tip tanks for compatibility with PACAF KB-29Ms and KB-50Ds, were withdrawn when the 416th TFS converted to F-100Ds at Misawa AB in 1959.