Air International 1995-11
G.Paloszi-Horvath - Force de Frappe. French Air-Delivered Nuclear Weapons
Aeronavale Super Etendard armed with an ASMP fire-and-forget medium range nuclear air-to-surface missile. ASMP equips 20 Super Etendards and is expected to remain in service until around the year 2005.
This almost perfect plan view of an AN 22 armed Mirage IV clearly shows the missile's configuration. Note the cropped fins and the rear fairing housing the retarding parachute.
Three Mirage IVs carrying AN Ils (or training rounds) semi-recessed in the fuselage. The first Mirage IV squadron became operational with this plutonium 239 bomb on October 1.1964.
Air-launch trial of ASMP from a Mirage 2000N. The orange DayGlo markings are to aid visual tracking of the missile for post-flight analysis.