Air International 1995-11
R.Braybrook - The New Russian Trainers
Notable features of the Yak-130D prototype are its wide fuselage, a wing with leading edge extensions and winglets, a forebody chine and a MiG-29-style engine air intake with auxiliary inlets on the upper surface.
Yak-130D front cockpit is unrepresentative of the production instrument panel. The Russian variant will have two colour LCD multifunction displays and export aircraft will have a third MFD, similar to that of the MB-339FD.
Three-view drawing of the Yak-130D.
Conventional lines of the MiG-AT may be appreciated in this view of the prototype photographed at the Moscow air show, Zhukovsky, in August 1995.
The 'panic button' may he seen on the top right-hand corner of the control column stick grip. Pressing this brings the MiG-AT to a wings-level, nose-up attitude.
Three-view drawing of the MiG-AT.
Model of the Sukhoi Su-39 displayed at this year’s Le Bourget Salon. A derivative of the Su-26 and -29 competition aircraft, the Su-39 retains their +11g and -8g structural limitations.
Three-view drawing of the Su-39.