Air International 1995-11
F.Mormillo - Flying Wing Homecoming /Veteran & Vintage/
Don Lykins, Chairman of the Planes of Fame Air Museum, flying the N9MB past the Edwards AFB control tower. Note the Rockwell B-1B Lancer on the ramp in the background.
Chase plane for the test flights out of Edwards AFB was the Planes of Fame Museum's Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless. Even this relatively high performance aircraft was pushed to the limits when pacing the N9MB, as witnessed by the oil streaks on the fuselage sides after highspeed sorties.
On approach to land at Edwards AFB after a successful test flight. Note the ruddervons on the port wing and the tail bumper wheel. The ruddervons increase drag and reduce lift on the wing, thus yawing and rolling the aircraft - effectively combining the effects of ailerons and rudder.
Fuel bowser and figures give a sense of proportion to the N9MB which was conceived as a one-third scale development model for the Northrop B-35 and B-49 flying wing bomber programme.