Air Enthusiast 2003-05
D.Ford - Out-moded teacher
In its communications form, the Don was an elegant aircraft. The wing root leading edge intakes to cool the engine are apparent. Illustrated is the infortunate L2391 shortly after its first flight on June 13, 1938.
Detail view of the prototype showing the auxillary fins fitted under the tailplane to this and all other Dons.
L2393 served with the Station Flight at Eastchurch. It first flew on March 12, 1938, and was relegated to an instructional airframe on March 17, 1939.
Prototype L2387 in 'B condition' markings and faired-over (or mock-up) turret after its first flight on June 18, 1937. The film used makes its overall yellow colour scheme look dark and the roundels 'reversed'.
Rear view of the prototype with turret, July 1937.
Rear view probably of L2389 in 'comms' format showing the large rear fairing, July 1938.
Close-up of the Lewis gun-equipped turret on the prototype Don. Note also the direction-finding loop.
De Havilland DH.93 Don.