Air Enthusiast 2003-05
P.Celis - The 'Ace' and the air base
Specially adorned for 349 Squadron's 60th Anniversary and carrying a typical air defence combat load, F-16 FA-106 formates on OFMC's Spitfire IX MH434, flown by Lee Proudfoot.
Acting Flight Lieutenant Ivan 'Duke' Du Monceau de Bergendal standing on the wing of his personal Spitfire VB EN974 'MN-X' in late August 1942. His second victory still awaits confirmation.
No.350 (Belgian) Squadron's 'MN-Y' in flight in 1942, with 'Duke' at the controls.
Lee Proudfoot bringing MH434 over Lkeine-Brogel Air Base on July 18, 2002.
MH434 over northern Belgium on July 18, 2002.
One of the first Mk.IXs delivered to 349 (Belgian) Squadron in February 1944, Spitfire MJ294 was assigned to the Commanding Officer Sqn Ldr Du Monceau de Bergindal as 'GE-X'.