Air Enthusiast 2003-05
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Buffalo I AN185 of 453 Squadron, RAAF, Sembawang, late 1941.
F2A-2 BuNo 1412 of VF-2, 1941.
B239 BW-388 of LLv 24, early 1942.
B339D B-398 Netherlands East Indies, late 1941.
Buffalo I coded 'NF' of 488 Squadron, RNZAFm at Kallang, Singapore, late in 1941.
F2A-3 учебной эскадрильи, Флорида, август 1942 года. Окраска - стандартная. Капот двигателя, руль направления - красные. Верхняя часть законцовок крыльев - желтая.
Some F2A-3s, including '21' illustrated, were flown at advanced fighter training schools in the USA.
The first export B-339B, its registration (NX56B) indicating it was the 56th airframe destined for Belgium. Note the camouflage pattern and Belgian roundels.
One of the B-239s transferred to Finland, BW-387 in service with 3 LLv 24, with a Lynx as its squadron badge.
Former Dutch B-339D in Australia and wearing US Army Air Corps colours and serialled 3119.
British officials show interest in AS426, one of the B-339Bs diverted to the UK from a Belgian contract in 1940.
The only B-339 acquired by France in 1940. Note gun port in wing leading edge above landing gear leg.
Belgian B-339B AS430 at Boscombe Down where it was employed on handling and performance trials.
Brewster F2A-3
The XSBA scout bomber was Brewster's first design and in several respects resembled its XF2A-1 single-seat fighter.