Air Enthusiast 2003-05
M.Willing - Hawker Siddeley's Crisp Carrier (1)
Armstrong Whitworth publicity photo of Riddle's first Argosy, N6501R. In the foreground is an example of the aircraft the Argosy replaced in their fleet, the venerable Curtiss C-46 Commando.
The prototype Series 200, G-ASKZ, showing off its 'through-deck loading' attribute on the ramp at Bitteswell in early 1965.
В 1962 году американская компания "Zantop" начала выполнять полеты по контракту Logair, в интересах ВВС США. Под обозначением Logair скрывалась перевозка необходимых материалов и оборудования между авиабазами ВВС.
Zantop took over part of the Logair contract from Riddle. Riddle's first aircraft was re-registered as N601Z and is illustrated flying near Detroit in 1965.
A striking view of BEA’s Argosy Series 222, G-ASXO, delivered on April 28, 1965 and later sold to West Midland Airlines Ltd.
BEA's Series 222 G-ASXO entered service in March 1965. Note how the nose undercarriage retracted into a fairing underneath the nose. This was to avoid interrupting the freight floor.
The last Argosy to fly, Series 222 G-ATTC was sold by BEA to Canadian operator Transair as CF-TAZ in April 1970. It went on to several other operators, being scrapped in 1992.
The first Argosy, Series 100 G-AOZZ, during early flight test at Bitteswell.
The first Series 200, G-ASKZ at Bitteswell. It had a short life, first flown in March 1964 and scrapped in September 1967.
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy Series 200.