Air Enthusiast 1996-07
F.Prins - Foolhardy Patriot? Flugkapitan Hanna Reitsch
Taken from ‘Signal’, the Nazi magazine, Hanna Reitsch at the controls of a Heinkel He 111 in 1943.
Although its provenance is occasionally brought into debate, the ‘V-1’ held by the Lashenden Warfare Museum in Kent, shows most of the attributes of the developed Fi 103R-IV ‘Reichenberg’ suicide weapon.
The Me 321 was developed into a long range airlifter, becoming the Me 323D Gigant powered by six Gnome-Rhone radials.
Hanna Reitsch was involved in the testing of the formidable Messerschmitt Me 321 assault glider. The lorry and personnel near this early Me 321A-1 give scale. Underwing it carries eight assisted take-off rockets.
Reitsch awaits ‘rescue’ after landing a glider on a bed of ropes. This was a method tested to land small aircraft on board ships. It was not proceeded with.