Air Enthusiast 1994-12
F.Allen - From 'Hun-Bravo' to unsung F-107
The Super Sabre was destined to become NAA’s last fighter. F-100C-20-NA 54-1896 provides comparison with the lines of its ill-fated ‘outgrowth’.
F-100 and F-107 comparison.
Pima’s immaculate F-107
The incredible North American F-107 first flew on September 10, 1954 with much the same format as the OS-130 entry.
The third aircraft, 55-5120, goes over the top in a loop. The four ports for the 20mm cannon are beneath the canopy. Note also the semi-recessed weapons/fuel store under the centreline.
The YF-107A was not a small aeroplane. Light aircraft in the background at Inglewood, California, help to lend scale to 55-5120’s 61ft 10in (18.84m) length.
Pima Air Museum’s 55-5118 undergoing restoration.
On June 11, 1957 YF-107A 55118 was delivered to NACA at Edwards, becoming NACA 207. After only four flights it was grounded, being replaced by 55-5120.
The sleek frontal lines of the YF-107A are apparent in this view. Note the splitter plate within the engine intake.
Early artist’s concept of what the F-107 would look like. Note the similarity with the F-100.
North American F-107A
North American YF-107A.