Air Enthusiast 1994-12
U.Vicenzi - Italian Tandem
Once a well-known UK airshow performer, G.46-3B Series 2 G-BBII lapsed its Permit to Fly in 1989 and is currently stored. While its colour scheme may have appealed to the masses at airshows, it did nothing for those in the know!
Flown and restored by Pino Valenti, Fiat G.46-4A Series 6 I-AEKT has been given a second, rear, cockpit. It is one of two currently airworthy in its native Italy, with a third shortly to take to the air.
Plan view over Parma.
From every angle, the G.46 is a clean-looking machine - testament to the skills of its designer, Giuseppe Gabrielli.
View of the cockpits and the canopies. I-AEKT originated as a single-seater, with the rear cockpit blanked off.
Beyond the AMI, many G.46s served under the Ministero di Feso Aeronautica within the Aero Club d’Italia network. Most carried very militaristic stencilling on the rear denoting type, series, constructor’s number and former Matricola Militaire identity. G.46-3B Series 2 I-AEHU was civilianised in July 1959, becoming G-BBII (see earlier) in May 1972.
For a long time displayed at the Historic Aircraft Museum at Southend, this G.46 has steadfastly refused to reveal its true identity.
Fiat G.46-5B