Air Enthusiast 1994-12
J.Rajlich, J.Sehnal - 'Tatra Eagles'
One of the Bf 109E-4s supplied by Germany in 1942/1943, pictured over the Vah Valley. This particular aircraft belonged to the flying school.
Bf 109G-4/R6 из 13.(Slovak)JG 52.Анапа, лето 1943г.
Sgt Frantisek Hanovec of the 13th Fighter Flight in the cockpit of a Bf 109G-4/R6 at Anapa. These aircraft were on loan from the Luftwaffe and consequently bore German marks. The nationality of the pilots was indicated by the propeller spinner paint scheme, which was in the Slovak national colours.
Avia B-534s of the 12th Fighter Flight destroyed Soviet SB-3 bombers on a Ukrainian airfield in the summer of 1941.
One of the Polikarpov I-16 fighters shot down by Sgt Jozef Drlicka of the 12 Fighter Flight during an air battle over Gornostaypol of September 7, 1941.
A dramatic rescue captured for posterity. On July 1941 Sgt Stefan Martis of the 13th Flight flew his B-534 back to base with Sgt Frantisek Brezina standing on his lower wing. Brezina had been shot down over Russian territory and this was the only way he could escape capture.
B-534 fighter of the 13th Fighter Flight during the Russian Campaign in 1941.
Avia B-534 fighters formed part of the SVZ from 1939 to 1944. Aircraft of the 11th Fighter Flight at Piestany during the summer of 1941.
Letov S-328 with initial SVZ markings, 1940.
Letov S-328 observation aircraft were also used by the LS-SVZ (flying school). This photograph, taken at Trencianske Biskupice in 1941, shows that the new SVZ markings were beginning to be applied.
A Slovak Letov S-328 during the Russian Campaign, 1941.