Air Enthusiast 1999-03
A.Brew - Last Throws of the Dice
The third and last Balliol T.1 prototype, VL935, being erected at Bitteswell, from where the first flight took place.
A model of the P.116 which was based upon the centre section of the Balliol.
Artist’s impression of the P.112, based on a photograph of a Balliol T.1, showing the similarity between the designs.
A retouched photograph of a Balliol T.2 in flight used to portray the P.125 ‘Jet Balliol’.
General arrangement, P.109
General arrangement of the Balliol T.2A, powered by a P&W R1820-S1C3-G 14-cylinder radial.
General arrangement of the P.125, the ‘Jet Balliol’.
The rear fuselage of the P.119 mock-up could be removed to reveal the Derwent engine, showing the potential for ease of maintenance.
Full-scale mock-up of the P.119 outside Boulton Paul's Pendeford factory.
An artist’s impression of three P.119s in RAF service. This was not to be, the RAF ordered the DH Vampire T.11 instead.
Model of the P.106B/C, the side-by-side or three seat version of the P.6 with a much wider fuselage than the tandem seat P.106As. The photograph is dated March 1944.
Three-view of the P.106.
Pleasing lines of the P.124 basic jet trainer.
Sectional breakdown of the P.131, the RAAF version of the P.124.