Aeroplane Monthly 1980-06
Maylands /Gone but not forgotten/ (8)
F. J. Cleare’s Parnall Pixie G-EBKM in August 1937.
Enterprise: Hillman's Airways’ first D.H. Dragon arrives at Romford Aerodrome in December 1932. The type was largely designed to the late Mr. Edward Hillman’s specification.
Hillman's Dragon G-ACAN, first of the type, flying over the Hillmans D.H.60M Moth G-ABCW on December 20, 1932. G-ACAN ended its days with Aberdeen Airways and the Moth was sold in India as VT-AEC.
Hillmans Dragons G-ACAP and G-ACEV at Maylands
Amy Johnson with husband Jim Mollison at Maylands for the christening of Hillmans' first Dragon, G-ACAN, on December 20, 1932.
D.H.80A Puss Moth G-ABSB, Sonny, landing at Maylands. This was Hillman's first aircraft and carried two passengers.
The Hillmans hangar with Fox Moth G-ABVI just visible, August 1932. Both the hangar and the Fox were destroyed by fire on February 6, 1940.
A view of Maylands main gate with D.H.Cirrus Moth G-ABTG and D.H.60X Moth G-AAPG of the Romford F.C.