Aeroplane Monthly 1980-06
R.Gillman - Pilot's progress (2)
Taking off under the hood. N9181 during instrument training at Yatesbury in April 1940.
Seen flying over Lake Mead, near the borders of Arizona and Nevada, is Ray Upton's D.H.82A Tiger Moth N7966. Ray is flying the aircraft from the rear cockpit, with Gary W. McConnell along for the ride.
The Tiger Moth T7168 was later civilianised as G-AILR and destroyed in the Broxbourne hangar fire in June 1947.
No 10 EFTS Tiger Moth at Yatesbury in April 1940.
Typical of almost every EFTS is this scene at No 10 EFTS, RAF Yatesbury in August 1940.