Air Enthusiast 2001-09
D.Gordon - TAC Recon Masters (2)
RF-101C 56-0058 of the 18th TRS, in the final South East Asia camouflage scheme worn by the aircraft
A flight of eight RF-101Cs of the 18th TRS, 66th TRW, 1959.
Royal Flush V - the rush to the processing labs.
RF-101C, 56-0113, 18th TRS, Royal Flush V. Note the Royal Flush emblem and the squadron badge.
RF-101C 56-0218, 1959. This 32nd TRS aircraft flew in the Royal Flush IV competition at Eindhoven in 1959. It was especially tuned for the competition
Three RF-101Cs - the rear one camouflaged - of the 18th TRS flew over RAF Alconbury to give the 10th TRW and its new Phantoms the infamous raised probe salute.
Royal Flush V, the medium-range team, 1st Lt Billie Williams 17th TRS, 1st Lt John Wood 18th TRS and Capt Paul Hodges, 18th TRS.
RF-101C 56-0111 devoid of any unit markings
Royal Flush V, held at Bremgarten, 1960, with the 66th team in company with RF-101C 56-0104.
RF-84F 51-1862 being checked out at Sembach. No '862 was the second to be received by the 302nd. It carries the colours of the four squadrons of the 66th TRW in a band around the fuselage.
Captain Jack Coghlan flying RF-84F 51-17007 over Germany in 1956. Jack Coghlan was the Ops Officer for the 303rd TRS.
The colourful 51-1862 in flight
Loading up RF-84F 52-7381 of the 302 TRS, 1957.
Line Inspection, 303rd TRS, 1957. Note that the colour scheme changed for the squadrons of the 66th in early 1957.
Hangar maintenance on RF-84F 52-7377, Sembach, 1957.
Quartet of RF-84F of the 330rd TRS, 1955.
RF-84F 52-7312 of the 303rd TRS over Germany, 1956.