Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
J.Perrott - Airborne in the Balliol
Balliol T.2 VW900
Dive brakes restricted terminal velocity in a vertical dive at 350 m.p.h. EAS, the position of the air brakes being carefully selected to avoid changes of trim, tailplane buffeting, or interference with lateral control.
Balliol VR596 was one of 17 pre-production aircraft used for extended service trials.
VR602 was another pre-production aircraft used for service trials
A Sea Balliol T.21 performs for Flight’s camera at the 1953 SBAC Show.
The deep cockpit hood provided an exceptionally good view for the Balliol crew.
Balliol T.2 WF997 photographed in January 1953. Apart from No 7 FTS, Balliols served at the RAF College, Cranwell and Nos 288 and 238 OCUs.