Aeroplane Monthly 1981-08
B.Jackson - Lady Houston one of the few
THE THREE MACHINES WHICH MAY BE FLYING IN THE 1931 SCHNEIDER CONTEST: From left to right - S.1596, N.248 and S.1595. The central machine is the 1929 type modified, while the two other are the new machines built this year. Standing in front of the machines are the members of the Schneider Team.
The three contenders for the 1931 Schneider Trophy contest; Supermarine S.6Bs S1596 and S1595 flank the S.6A N248 at Calshot. The Schneider Team is standing at right.
THE FIRST VICKERS SUPERMARINE ROLLS ROYCE S.6.B. - MARKED S1595: Flight-Lieut. Long in the cockpit. August 1931.
S.6B, S1595, sistership to the outright winner of the Schneider Trophy Contest, Supermarine S.6B S1596, which later became the first aircraft to exceed 400 m.p.h.
The Westland PV-3, G-ACAZ, in which Lord Clydesdale flew over Mount Everest on April 3, 1933. The aircraft was exhibited at Selfridges in July 1933.
Westland PV-3, G-ACAZ, with Harald Penrose, who test flew the aircraft to 35,000ft from Yeovil on January 25, 1933.