Aeroplane Monthly 1981-12
G.Jenks - Yeoman York (1)
The photograph was taken at Almaya, Cairo, shortly after the war and features the Avro York MW173, built as a freighter for the RAF. Note the Misr Airwork Tiger Moths in the background.
This York, TS796, was later leased to South African Airways as ZS-ATU. Re-serialled WW514 for trooping duties, TS796 flew with several airlines before being withdrawn from use in 1959.
This splendid photograph of an anonymous York was taken in 1945.
The prototype York after conversion to C.Mk II standard, for which it was fitted with Bristol Hercules VI radial engines.
This view of the prototype York, LV626, was taken at Chadderton before removal to Ringway for final assembly.
This fine photograph of Avro York MW234 shows well the type’s similarity to its predecessor, the Lancaster. Though the fuselage was redesigned, the York incorporated Lancaster wings, powerplants, undercarriage and tail assemblies.
The completed prototype York in its original twin-fin configuration.
Самолеты York из эскадрильи Транспортного командования британских ВВС на аэродроме Лука (сегодня международный аэропорт Мальты) готовятся к отправке на Дальний Восток.
A line-up of Yorks seen at Luga, Malta, about to take-off for the Far East in 1945.