Aeroplane Monthly 1982-12
B.Gunston - North American Tornado
Photograph, taken by Flight’s photographer in March 1955 from a T-33, shows B-45A Tornado 47-047 of the 86th Sqn of the 47th Wing in the vicinity of Sculthorpe.
JB-45C 48-002 was used as an engine test bed.
B-45C 48-017 was used as a flying test aircraft for the TF-30 engine.
B-45A Tornado 47-011. The B-45 entered service with the USAF in November 1948 and the last B-45 was phased out in 1958.
B-45A 47-014 was an early production Tornado.
The cowlings raised on a production B-45 engine pod reveal the easy access to the turbojets.
B-45C 48-005
Close up of the port pair of J47-GE-13/15 turbojets of an XB-45.
RB-45C 48-012. The first RB-45C was flown in April 1950.
The B-45A cockpit with bombardier's door open on the port side. Instrument panels were sloped in various planes to avoid parallex error when reading instruments.