Air Pictorial 1958-01
Photos by request
ODD MAN OUT. Before the single-seat Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe assumed its final production form the design underwent several major changes in wing and tail assembly configuration. This rare phorograph illustrates the fifth prototype (B9966) with an experimental swept tailplane to increase manoeuvrability in conjunction with the newly-adopted and later standardised horn-balanced ailerons. Note extra hinges at front spar.
COULD FLY BACKWARDS was the boast of this wartime Fleet Shadower, the General Aircraft G.A.L.38, built to the naval specification S.23/37. Only one was built (PI758), and the four 130-h.p. Pobjoy Niagara V radials were displaced along the wing to give maximum lift on the Bowlus principle. The photographs show 115-m.p.h. (maximum speed) G.A.L.38 in its original form with triple fins and two rudders, and endplates on the lower stub wings. The later modifications resulted in a tall single fin and rudder.
IT LOOKS FAMILIAR. In the May 1957 Photos by Request was published a side view of the Donnet Leveque flying-boat of 1913 in Swedish naval markings. It is worth comparing it with this Danish (1915) patrol boat built by Orlogsvaerftet Maagen 2 (c/n. 4).
A test for recognition experts of an older generation, the one-off Vickers fighting Biplane Type Eight of November 1915. Although apparently big, the F.B.8 had a wing span of only 38 ft. 4 in. (8 in. less than the Hawker Sea Hawk), but while fast for its day (98 m.p.h.), the F.B.8 was cumbersome, and this two-seater was soon abandoned. The gunlayer stood in the nose and fired a single .303-in. Lewis gun
SIAMESE SINGLE. According to North American Aviation's Los Angeles Skywriter, this attractive single-seat fighter in Siamese markings is not the NA-50A but the NA-68. Six were built for Siam in 1940-41 and shipped out to Pearl Harbour. The war with Japan brought about the fall of Siam and the NA-68s were shipped back to the U.S.A., and were used by the U.S.A.A.C. as advanced trainers (P-64) for American and Chinese cadets. One is still flying as XB-KUU.