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B.Hales-Dutton - FedEx Express - King of Cargo /Commercial/
A hush kit programme was introduced by FedEx for its Boeing 727s to extend the useful life of the aircraft and enabled the type to meet FAA noise requirements. However, the company has announced that it intends to replace the type with Boeing 757-200s.
FedEx is a substantial user of Airbuses with a fleet of 66 A310s in addition to the A300-600Fs.
With 670 aircraft, FedEx Express has the second largest fleet in the world. Eighty-three of these are DC-10s or MD-10s, the latter having a modified cockpit that removes the need for a flight engineer.
Грузовые MD-10 доминируют на стоянке хаба "FedEx", Индианаполис, 2007 год. В 2012 году компания располагала 68 MD-10, большинство из которых относилось к раннему варианту MD-10-10.
FedEx is headquartered in Memphis where it has its SuperHub. The company is responsible for approximately 95% of the airport's annual cargo throughput of 3.6 million tons.
Значительную часть авиапарка FedEx составляют бывшие авиалайнеры Airbus - A300-600 и A310-300. Небольшие грузы перевозятся в стандартных авиаконтейнерах или на полетах, позволяющих быстрее осуществлять погрузку и выгрузку грузовых самолетов.
Every day FedEx transports 3.3 million packages between 375 airports in over 200 countries. This is one of 58 A300-600FS in service with FedEx, another six of the type are due to join the fleet.
FedEx also operates a fleet of AIR 42s (pictured) and 72s. These turboprops are relatively new additions to the company with the first examples arriving in 2003.
To serve smaller communities FedEx has 253 Cessna 208s. At the company's request Cessna produced two cargo versions, with the example pictured a Super Cargomaster variant that has extra capacity due to the under-fuselage pannier.
A large proportion of the long-haul services on the company's vast international network is undertaken by its fleet of 58 MD-11Fs.