Aeroplane Monthly 1983-05
C.Horrocks - Messdeck misfits (1)
Fairey Swordfish K8440 lands on HMS Courageous in January 1939 during a visit by Flight staff. Based at Donibristle, 811 Sqn FAA Swordfish were aboard the carrier for deck landing trials.
Getting down to it. Fairey Swordfish K8440 about to be waved off. The flight deck party was composed of seamen from the ship's complement working in four watches of 20 each.
A Bristol Pegasus radial engine receiving attention below deck.
Fairey Swordfish K8440 lands back on Courageous. The coloured band around the fuselage indicated to which carrier each aircraft belonged. Blue represented Courageous.
Swordfish K8440 is dispatched below via the deck lift.