Aeroplane Monthly 1983-05
A.Jackson - Bats and Bantams (3)
Bantam K-123 on the Aerial Derby starting line at Hendon on June 21, 1919.
The clipped-wing Bantam K-125 being made ready for the same event.
Clifford Prodger with the American flag draped around Bantam F1657 on June 1, 1919.
Charles Nungesser climbing into the first white civil Bantam, not yet marked K-123, at Hendon on June 16, 1919.
Bantam G-EAJW, marked with an underlined G for a Continental flight.
The “little BAT" racing as No. 5 at Hendon on June 7, 1919.
Robin Duke with Bantam K-123 at ELTA.
K-123 outside BAT's sheds (off picture left) showing the two wide fuselage bands.
The wreck of the unregistered ELTA Bantam, Hendon, March 23, 1920.