Aeroplane Monthly 1983-05
W.Clarke - Drawing a bead (4)
The Revi C.12D Reflector Sight, seen mounted in the cockpit of a Bf 109F.
Given the code name Village Inn this equipment enabled a gunner to locate an unseen attacking fighter. The picture shows the 16" parabolic reflector in its housing on a FN.150 Lancaster tail turret.
The Emerson APG8 Blind Tracking Radar fitted to Lancaster KB805. The Emerson Company fitted the turret and APG8 at St Louis. The device was found to have no advantage over the AGLT system and was not proceeded with.
Blenheim IV V6083 showing the rearward firing under defence turret under the nose.
Diagram of the inside of the Blenheim IV FN.54A under turret, showing the main periscopic sight system.