Aeroplane Monthly 1983-06
W.Clarke - Drawing a bead (5)
The GGS Mk 4E used in the Meteor and Vampire. A licence-produced version is in use with the Mirage.
A Harrier cockpit with the pilot's display unit (PDU) of the Smiths Industries head-up display and weapon-aiming system (HUDWAS). This system was used with great success during the Falklands war.
A Dominican Air Force P-51D seen on active patrol.
A view of the front cockpit of a Tornado. At top centre can be seen the Smiths Industries head-up display and weapon aiming system. This system gives the pilot weapons computing for: air-to-ground bombs (free fall and retarded), air-to-ground guns and rockets, air-to-surface missiles, air-to-air missiles, air-to-air guns. The pilot can choose several different air-to-air gunnery modes, these are: air-to-air lead angle, air-to-air snap shoot and air-to-air director guided techniques.
Sketch of a BAC Jaguar (Tornado ???) cockpit head-up display system.
The GGS Mk 7 used on the Javelin.
“Through the combining glass”, the pilot s view ahead from the back seat of a Jaguar equipped with a Smiths Industries head-up display and weapon-aiming system (HUDWAS).
A frame taken from a 35mm sight recording camera mounted on a GGS Mk 4B. The target was a Meteor 8 which was in mock combat with a similar aircraft flown by Fg Off George Hastings from RAF Stradishall in 1952.