Aeroplane Monthly 1983-06
P.Jarrett - Grapevine
The first of Skysport Engineering's Sopwith Pup reproductions to be completed, G-BIAU, made its maiden flight from Old Warden on Tuesday, April 12, 1983, in the hands of “Dizzy” Addicot. After a few circuits to check it out, he set course for Duxford with a Piper Cub for company, to deliver the Pup for the auction. Breakage of a contact breaker spring caused a forced landing in a field at Fowlmere, some 3 miles south-west of Duxford. The next day the road was cleared by police and the Pup was towed in. It should have flown again by the time we went to press.
Some of the lighter types on view at Duxford before the Christie's auction. Moth Minor, Tiger Moth and Gemini nearest.
This two-thirds scale Jurca Mustang “look-alike" was rolled out on March 20, 1983 after refurbishment by Mike Watkins. Now in the colours of Reluctant Rebel, flown by Maj Robert Roy of the US 8th Air Force's 357th Fighter Group, it will perform at displays in the hands of Bob Mitchell