Aeroplane Monthly 1983-06
P.Sammons - The tools for the job (2)
Douglas DB-7 bombers coming off the line at Santa Monica, California. Those on the left are destined for the RAF, the first RAF batch being delivered in 1940. The type was known by the RAF as the Boston.
This photograph, possibly taken at Forth Worth in 1943, shows B-24Ds being progressed from stage to stage - note forward fuselage subassemblies in the background. Note too the wide access doors and leading edge access panels where “plumbing” is being installed.
Douglas C-54 Skymasters on the production line, probably at Santa Monica, though two thirds of production came from a new line at Chicago. The C-54 was the US Army Air Corps' first four-engined transport.
Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless dive bombers on the line. Production lines were located at El Segundo, California and at Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Dauntless was a refinement of the Northrop BT-1 and by the time it went into production Northrop had become the El Segundo Division of Douglas.
An earlier consignment of Hudsons arriving at the Surrey Commercial Dock in June 1939.
Liverpool police guard Lockheed Hudson Is after unloading on to the Gladstone dock in August 1939. The first aircraft in the line, N7289, was issued to 220 Sqn but was posted missing on April 24, 1940.