Aeroplane Monthly 1983-04
A.Jackson - Bats and Bantams (2)
The first production Bantam, F1653, with new wings and ailerons, at Farnborough in August 1918.
Peter Legh taking off from Villacoublay in F1655 with his Warren helmet protruding through the “hole”.
Cyril Turner flying low past the London Flying Club's headquarters in the “little" BAT, F1657, at Hendon on June 9, 1919.
The unmarked F.K.23 Bantam, with abnormal ailerons, at Martlesham in April 1918.
Bantam F1655 at Villacoublay in October 1918, with fuselage number 12B-114.
The first production Bantam, F1653, with pointed engine cowlings, November 1918.
F1653 in a pale blue paint scheme, lined up for the Headquarters Race at the 1921 RAF Pageant at Hendon.
Bantam F1656 at Farnborough in December 1918.
A unique picture showing Bantam F1657 in the works in December 1918 with the previous machine (foreground) and an F.K.24 Baboon behind.
The second F.K.23 Bantam, F1654, at Martlesham in September 1918.