Aeroplane Monthly 1983-04
B.Gunston - The classic aero engines (6)
The prototype Hawker Hurricane, K5083, was ordered on February 21, 1935, and first flew on November 6, 1935, powered by one of the C development engines. An identical engine powered the Spitfire on its first flight on March 5, 1936. Both aircraft were fitted with two-bladed, wooden Watts propellers.
Production Hurricanes on the line at Kingston, all fitted with Merlin IIs.
The view shows the D.H. variable-pitch airscrew and the retractable undercarriage.
The 25th Merlin I powered the Fairey Battle prototype, K4303, and drove a three-bladed, fixed pitch Fairey-Reed propeller. Rolls-Royce's first orders for the Merlin were for the Battle.