Aeroplane Monthly 1983-04
J.Silvester - Percival Aircraft 1933-1954 (4)
Prentice TV172 was one of five prototype aircraft produced.
The first prototype, TV163, first flown on March 31, 1946.
Prentice VN684 was one of 20 pre-production aircraft supplied to the RAF for trials from November 1947.
Production Prentice VR210 was Registered G-AKLG for overseas demonstration.
Percival Prentice TV172 was one of five prototype aircraft.
Prentice VR229 used by 19 SFTS/FTS RAF College, Cranwell.
The first of a 20-strong pre-production batch, in RAF all-yellow finish, showing upturned wing-tips and an interim fin and rudder.
Prentice VR190 was an early production aircraft.
One of the prototype Prentices, TV166, was fitted with an experimental raised tailplane.
Another variation of the tailplane was tried on Prentice VN684.
One Prentice was fitted with a 345 h.p. D. H. Gipsy Queen 70-2 engine driving a three-bladed propeller. Designated T.Mk 3, only one was built
Prentices for Argentina coming off the line.
Two views of a model of the projected Percival transport aircraft. This Burnelli-type craft, with aerofoil body, would have been powered with six Bristol Centaurus engines. Nothing became of the project.