Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
J.Silvester - Percival Aircraft 1933-1954 (3)
The similarity between the Percival Gull and the Proctor is apparent in this photograph. P5993 was one of the last Gulls built and was supplied to the RAF for communications duties with No 24 Sqn at Northolt.
Proctor 1A P6062. The prototype Proctor 1, P5998, was first flown on October 8, 1939 and a total of 245 production Mk Is was supplied to the RAF.
Proctor 1 G-AIED, originally P6322 with the RAF, survived until October 1965 when it was withdrawn from use at Shoreham.
Proctor I R7524/G-AIWA currently owned by Barraclough & Storey.
Proctor 5 G-AGTC, painted turquoise and silver, seen flying near Luton on March 22, 1946. This aircraft was the first Proctor 5 demonstrator and ended its days at Malaga, Spain after being damaged beyond repair.
Proctor I R7524/G-AIWA currently owned by Barraclough & Storey.
Proctor 3 G-AMGE, ex LZ570, was damaged beyond repair at Newcastle in May 1963.
Proctor LR102, supplied to Lebanon, was one of many exported aircraft.
Proctor 4 NP184, built by F. Hills & Son, Manchester. The Proctor 4 had a longer, deeper fuselage and carried four people in addition to radio equipment for training wireless operators.
Proctor 5 G-AHBD, seen flying in the Coventry area in 1962, was withdrawn from use in 1968.
Proctor 3 G-ALJH, still in RAF camouflage and with civil registration hasily daubed on, was later sold in Spain as EC-AJA. Many Proctors though allocated civil registrations were never converted for civil use.