Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
A.Curtis - Memoirs of an early bird (1)
A captured Maurice Farman Longhorn.
A Martinsyde G.102 Elephant seen at Brooklands. A6289 was a presentation aircraft, named Mount Lofty, South Australia, and presented to the RFC by Mrs H. Bickford. Designed at the outset as a single seat fighter, it was more effectively employed as a bomber by way of its good loading capability. The author recalls that Elephants floated horribly. The G.102 was powered by the 160 h.p. Beardmore engine.
The Swiss pilot Edouard Baumann, who gave the author his first flight.
A Beatty-Wright about to land at Hendon in 1913. It was on such a machine that the author made his first flight on Monday, July 13, 1914.
A Beatty-Wright biplane at Hendon, powered by a 50 h.p. Gnome engine driving twin propellers.