Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
A.Curtis - Memoirs of an early bird (1)
A captured Maurice Farman Longhorn.
A Martinsyde G.102 Elephant seen at Brooklands. A6289 was a presentation aircraft, named Mount Lofty, South Australia, and presented to the RFC by Mrs H. Bickford. Designed at the outset as a single seat fighter, it was more effectively employed as a bomber by way of its good loading capability. The author recalls that Elephants floated horribly. The G.102 was powered by the 160 h.p. Beardmore engine.
A Grahame-White boxkite seen during a race at Hendon in 1913 with a Bleriot monoplane about to overtake it. Lap straps were highly advisable!
The Swiss pilot Edouard Baumann, who gave the author his first flight.
A Beatty-Wright about to land at Hendon in 1913. It was on such a machine that the author made his first flight on Monday, July 13, 1914.
A Beatty-Wright biplane at Hendon, powered by a 50 h.p. Gnome engine driving twin propellers.