Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
A.Jackson - Bats and Bantams (1)
The Villacoublay Bantam F1655 in March 1919
The little Bat "Bantam" which follows was designed by Frederick Koolhoven, and was used until comparatively recently for scientific tests of spinning.
The first F.K.22 at Hendon in 1917 with cowled-in Mosquito engine and Peter Legh’s Warren helmet on the wing.
B9945 at CFS with a 110 h.p. Le Rhone and showing the blanked off cowling louvre.
Three ‘large’ Bantams, all with brand new cowlings, at Hendon on June 16, 1919. These are the only known likenessess of B9944, the second F.K.22/2 and fourth F.K.22/1
The ‘small’ F.K.22/1 machine B9947 trestled up at Hendon, probably for fuselage repairs, in February 1918
Rear view of the same aircraft showing the one-piece wing and prominent plywood joints over longerons and frames.
The F.K.22 with spinner and open-ended cowling to improve cooling
The Gnome-engined F.K.22/2 B9945 after roll-out at Hendon in January 1918.
Front view of the 170 h.p. Wasp I radial engine.
The same aircraft seen at Martlesham Heath during trials in February 1918