Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
Personal album
Plt Off Staveley in Hawker Hart K2131, bombed-up and on his way to bomb tribesmen.
Hawker Hart K2129 on its way to a raid on the Pathan with two 250lb bombs and a couple of 25lb "sighters"
K2129 has already dropped one of its sighters and has just released the second of its 250lb bombs. The air gunner who took these photographs from the accompanying aircraft was later shot in the leg and spent six weeks in hospital.
Loading a flight leader’s machine with 250lb bombs. Note the arming vane on the nose of the bomb.
Bombed-up with four 25lb incendiaries and four 112lb high explosive bombs.
A typical flight leader’s bomb load consisting of two 20lb sighters and two 250lb high-explosive bombs.
The bomb aimer’s view of a 250lb bomb plummetting towards its target.
Flt Lt Baird in Hawker Hart K2107 returning from a raid.