Aeroplane Monthly 1983-03
W.Clarke - Drawing a bead (2)
A Mk III reflector sight fitted to a .5 Browning gun of a Boeing B-17.
This photograph shows the position of the sight mounting on a Supermarine Spitfire.
STEPHEN W. WOLF’s plate depicts Shuttleworth’s S.E.5A flying in October 1978.
The plate, taken by STUART HOWE, illustrates the same aircraft's Vickers gun ring and bead sight and the Lewis gun’s Aldis sight.
A Lysander free gun mounting with 2in ring and bead sight. Note the offset sight mounting pylons giving sight line centre of the twin Browning .303's.
Интерьер кормовой турели FN5A
Typical turret mounting of Mk IIIA sight, in this case in a Wellington tail turret. The sight switch was mounted on the starboard turret framing. As can be seen, the field of view was somewhat restricted.
THis drawing illustrates the Type GJ.3 sight mounting on a Nash and Thompson F.N.12 turret of a Lerwick flying boat. A knob on the right side operated a variable resistance to control graticule brightness for night use.