Aeroplane Monthly 1983-04
R.Riding - The sky was his studio
Just visible in white is Charles Brown at work photographing a Beverley in 1953.
One of Charles Brown's favourite pictures was one he took of three 87 Sqn Gladiators flying a tied-together formation over Villacoublay in 1938.
A happy trio, with Charles Brown in the centre, after a trip in Fairey's Swordfish.
Charles Brown in comparative luxury, photographing from an Avro XIX.
An evocative photograph of Tiger Moth G-ANFM cloud chasing
CHARLES E. BROWN'S superb photograph depicts Percival Prentice VR318. This aircraft was later registered G-AOWF but it is doubtful if it was ever converted for full civil use.
Charles Brown getting comfortable in a Terrier.