Aeroplane Monthly 1983-04
??? - BOAC's Hythe class Sunderlands
G-AGIA Haslemere landing at Southampton.
An aerial view of BOAC's Hythe flying boat headquarters and maintenance base, taken in 1946. The passenger terminal moved to Hythe from Poole on March 31, 1948. Hythe Hotspur moored to the pontoons.
G-AGKW Hotspur moored in Poole Harbour.
G-AHEO Halstead was used by BOAC during the war as a trainer.
G-AHER Helmsdale landed on the River Zambesi, above Victoria Falls, on a proving flight for the Solent-operated Johannesburg route on December 11, 1947.
The as yet unnamed G-AGJJ Henley .seen taking off from Poole.
G-AGJK Howard, during routine maintenance at Hythe.
Flagship of the BOAC Hythe fleet was G-AFJM Hythe, seen here with a launch alongside.
G-AGEW Hanwell out of the water with its nose turret retracted
G-AGKY Hungerford during a flypast at the 1946 Farnborough air show.
G-AGJO Honduras was damaged beyond repair when it broke away from its moorings at Hythe after being struck by an unknown vessel.
G-AGJN Hudson taxiing across Poole Harbour with Brownsea Island in the background.
G-AGLA Hunter undergoing routine engine maintenance at Hythe.
Short S.25 Sunderland III
G-AGKX was converted into the sole Sandringham 1 and named Himalaya.